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How Much Is Too Much To Spend On Your Teen’s Prom? [POLL]
South Jersey prom season is here.  And a new USA Today survey finds the average prom cost for parents of teens has reached $1,078, approximately a $200 increase from last year.  Between dresses, tuxes, limos, flowers, pre/post-parties and spending money your teens could have you digging de…
NJ Needs T-P For State Capitol
City Council employees in Trenton, NJ may need to keep their own personal roll of toilet paper handy.  The Council president is trying to reach an agreement with Trenton City Mayor Tony Mack to keep its facility stocked with toilet paper and paper towels.  Supplies are running out and a fa…
SoJO Do You Know – Answer
Question:  According to USA Today, the average person has at least one of these that they haven't used in a year or longer.  What is it?