Music Video Collection: #SoJOTBT
SoJO 104.9 loves a good Throwback Thursday, that's why we're all about #SoJOTBT on air and online. Here are some of your favorite throwback music videos from YouTube.

Backstreet Boys
98 Degrees
Boyz II Men
Will Smith
Destiny's Child
Spice Girls
S Club 7
N Sync
Kris Kross
Hootie and The Blowfish
Smash Mouth
Every Thursday is Throwback Thursday on SoJO! [VIDEO]
From SWV, to Montell Jordan, to Ricky Martin, we've got some awesome songs set to go for this week's Throwback Thursday thanks to your requests!  So what ol' school hits are on your wish list?  Jessica in Magnolia already requested some early NSYNC, and Mandy in Barnegat wan…
Tomorrow is Throwback Thursday on SoJO! [VIDEO]
Throwback Thursdays on SoJO have listeners saying 'That's my jam!' and 'Oh, no they didn't!'.  We're nostalgic for the songs that never seem to get played anymore just like you.  And we love a good excuse to break out some retro Christina Aguilera and BSB…