The Colbie Caillat Video Heather Wants Every Girl to Watch
Extensions, airbrushing, photo shop are all part of the making of the images of the famous.  And that kind of trickery, in my opinion, sets unrealistic goals for girls and women in the real world.  That's why I'm so glad Colbie Caillat is pulling back the curtain in the video for…
Jason Mraz Debuts Three New Songs in One Video
Grammy winner Jason Mraz is getting closer to the July 15 release his new album, Yes!. To debut some of the collection's new songs, he's made a short film called We Can Take The Long Way.  The clip directed by Jeff Nicholas and Jonathan Craven features three brand new tracks from Mraz…
Maroon 5 Drops ‘Maps’ [AUDIO/POLL]
Usually Monday's are manic or mundane.  But I woke up ready to start this Monday knowing that new Maroon 5 music awaited me as soon as I hit the studio.  'Maps' is the first single from M5's new album V, which is just 77 days away.  The track was co-written and produced by the likes of Max Martin, S…
Listen to Matt Nathanson ‘Headphones’ [AUDIO]
Matt Nathanson has just written one of his best songs yet. 'Headphones' paints a picture of a girl who just wants to escape of life of insecurity and disappear into music.  Who hasn't leaned on music for that kind of solace once or twice? Take a first listen!

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