New York City

Adele is the Definition of Diva in the Best Way [VIDEO]
I had the privilege of attending Radio City Music Hall in New York City this past Tuesday night with our grand prize winner to see a taping of Adele's upcoming TV special. It was the coolest thing I've ever gotten to be part of, and I can't wait for you to watch a bit of video from he…
Real Life ‘When Harry Met Sally': The Must-See Video
Who can forget the epic diner scene from the romantic comedy classic When Harry Met Sally when Meg Ryan...em, faked IT, moaning high-pitched screams of pleasure in front of gawking onlookers?  Here's what happens when the scene leapt off the big screen into the real Katz's Diner.
Epic Fail: A-List Actress Takes Tumble During Fashion Week
And the best part?  The paparazzo that snapped this picture chose to nab the photo instead of helping this fashion icon to her feet.  But no matter, there she is...a twisted heap on the city streets of the big apple in her designer stilettos.  Can you guess which star this is?

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