If 2016 Was a Horror Film [VIDEO]
2016 has been a doozie of a year. I think we can all agree there were many hellish moments that had us thinking, 'is this a dream?'. Well, here's an imagining of what the year would have looked like if it was translated into a scary movie.
5 Robin Williams Movies That Impacted My Life [VIDEO]
I woke up this morning thinking that my favorite comedian was still alive.  A man that made that such an impact in my personal and professional life had died.  I never got the chance to meet him, but I felt like I knew him though the characters he played.  If it wasn't for Robin …
See the Cast of ‘Saved by the Bell': The Movie
Leave it to the Lifetime TV network to unearth the deep, dark secrets of what really happened behind the scenes of the cult teen phenomenon Saved by the Bell.  On September 1, Lifetime will air The Unauthorized Saved by the Bell Story.  Meet the cast and see if they live up to the original…

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