The SoJO Morning Show Presents Birth Jams [AUDIO/VIDEO]
Studies show that some women like to have motivational music before they give birth.  Similar to what 'Jock Jams' used to do before sporting events, Birth Jams' motivates women before they go into the delivery room.  Here are the tracks we came up with......
Local Toddler’s Adorable Birthday Message to Mom [VIDEO]
I could not get through watching this video without laughing.  It's so sad because this 2-year old little girl from Bridgewater, N.J. is just trying to wish her mommy a Happy Birthday.  But halfway through she gets really emotional thinking about how much she misses her mom sometimes.
Who’s Your Favorite Fictional Mom?
With Mother's Day on the horizon, SoJO wants to know...Who's your favorite fictional mom? Mine is Carol 'Mrs. Walsh' Potter from the original 90210.
Is yours make-believe mom from a favorite novel, movie, TV show maybe?  Comment below and let us know...
‘Saved By The Bell’ Star To Become Mom [VIDEO]
She's so excited!  She's so excited!  She's so, so...SCARED!  We all grew up watching Elizabeth Berkley as the neurotic Jessie Spano on 'Saved By The Bell'.  The 39-year old is set to become a first-time mom, so SoJO takes this opportunity to celebrate he…

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