Fighting Fair
Every couple has arguments from time to time, but it is how we handle it that can either strengthen our relationship or tear it apart. You have heard the advice to never go to bed angry...well now some therapist say sometimes that is the best choice.
Three Ways Love Is Good for Our Health
Love is in the air,  and if you are in a committed relationship - here is some good news - it may actually be good for your heart. In general, married people live longer, have better access to health care, experience less stress have lower rates of heart disease, diabetes, and depression compar…
This Wedding Proposal Will Make You Cry [VIDEO]
Dean loves Jennifer, so much so that he knew he wanted to marry her a year ago.  But he didn't just SAY that he wanted to marry her for a whole year, he proved it by filming himself everyday for 365 days with a simple 'will you marry me?' sign.  Oh, and there's a lot mo…