High Five

5 Reactions to the NJ Sonic Boom
We were all doing our things on an average Thursday afternoon when all of a sudden we feel the earth shake beneath us. If you're like me, you just went "that was weird," and moved on. Then when it happened again and again and again, chances are you had one of these reactions..…
Top 5 Movies to Watch While You’re Snowed in
Snow days are the perfect time to catch up on laundry, cleaning, or sleep. Or if you're one who enjoys the white stuff, it's your chance to go and let your inner child out. But if the thought of building a snowman doesn't exactly sound appealing to you, why not curl up …
6 Winter Storm Comfort Foods
With Winter Storm Jonas visiting this weekend, here is a list of South Jersey's 6 most popular winter storm comfort foods according to listeners of The Mike Show!

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