How to Make Engagement Chicken for Valentine’s Day
Trying to get your guy to pop the question? Glamour magazine has long claimed that a dish called 'Engagement Chicken' is so delicious that if you feed it to your man it convinces him he wants to be with you forever. They report that it's worked for many of their contributors and readers! As the sayi…
Is a Hot Dog a Sandwich? [VIDEO/POLL]
I didn't expect this to be a topic of discussion, but after a conversation with a friend last week, I found myself conducting a friendly investigation into whether a hot dog can be considered a sandwich.
13 Days of Turkey: Day 1, The Secret to a Juicy Bird [VIDEO]
Welcome to my Thanksgiving blog series, 13 Days of Turkey.  Over the next couple weeks I'll be sharing with you some of my favorite tips for making your holiday turkey all that it can be.  Follow my simple rules and you're guaranteed to deliver your family a delicious bird.
On this Day 1, I begin wit…

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