5 Scariest Clown Sightings Caught on Camera
The whole scary clown hysteria of 2016 just won't go away, and thanks to the electronic gossip highway known as social media, it doesn't look like it will go away any time soon.
Well, maybe after Halloween.
Here is one of the latest compilations of scary clown sightings caught on camera, posted on You…
South Jersey’s Open Letter to Creepy Clowns Everywhere
In case you haven't heard, someone sent in the clowns, and boy have they caused some mayhem. Across the country and even right here in our backyard, creepy, and down right disruptive clowns have been spotted creating a bad name for all clowns. And to that, we have a few words we'd like to …
Tom Morgan Pranks SoJO Staff on Halloween [Video]
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