Casino Closings

Donald Trump Talks Atlantic City During GOP Debate [VIDEO]
Did you watch the Republican Presidential Debate last night? It's recorded and waiting for me on my DVR, but I can't avoid what social media is already saying.  To have Governor Chris Christie and Donald Trump on the same stage is almost like a political Wrestlemania (yea, I dropped the wrestling re…
Atlantic City Casinos Begin Hiring Spree
This time last year, hard times hit Atlantic City as casinos were closing left and right, leaving many people without jobs.  Fast forward to today, and we have opportunities....lots of opportunities.
Glenn Straub Buys Showboat
We originally thought that Stockton University was going to operate an island based campus and private hotel at the property formerly known as Showboat.  That operation was delayed due to a 1988 covenant, which required the property to operate as a casino.  Today, things could ge…

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