The Secret To Getting Your Best Haircut Ever
I've always been the kind of girl to constantly change my hair. I've had it short, bobbed, long, black, red, brunette, blonder and the infamous ombré. For whatever reason, I've had this sudden urge to cut my hair short again, but this time...
5 Ways to Green Your Beauty Routine [VIDEO]
It's Earth Day!  Today is a good day to remind yourself to be more mindful about taking care of the planet.  And it really is the little things that count.  But if Mother Earth is a temple, so is your body.  So I thought I'd share a few simple tips for greening your beauty routine.  You wouldn't bel…
Heather’s January Hot Picks [PHOTOS/LIST]
The New Year is in full swing, and 2013 for me is going to be all about trying new things, and finding ways to make everyday life a little more  convenient.  I've been experimenting with everything from this nifty banana slicer to new mascara.
Atlantic City Makes Top Ten Beauty-Obsessed Cities List
According to FourSquare, Atlantic City is the sixth most beauty-obsessed city in America.
FourSquare based its findings on 300,000beauty store and beauty establishment check-ins.  Fresno, California topped the list followed by Tulsa, Oklahoma.  New York City, Las Vegas, and Houston also mad…