Cutest Dancing Baby Commercial Ever? [VIDEO]
The Evian water dancing babies are back!  No roller skates this time around, the sidewalk and some window shopper suit them just fine.  This could be one of the cutest commercials ever made.  E*Trade just got served.
Cute Babies in Pumpkins [PHOTOS]
What could be better than a pumpkin big enough to fit a baby in?!  Some of these tykes look like they're holding on for dear life, but it's such a perfect pair.  Check out our gallery of cute babes in pumpkins!  And if you've got a photo of your own, use the comment box…
How To Make A Baby Stop Crying [VIDEO]
You're a new parent.  That means there are TONS of benefits, smiles, laughter, and well...stress.  Watch this video- it can not only help your situation, but give you a good laugh too!