SoJO is Now on Periscope! [VIDEO]
What better way for us to share what's happening behind the scenes here at the station (especially when there's a pending snow storm)? We're now on Periscope! Follow us live vlogging and we'll make you part of our world!
Social Spring’s App of The Week: Fooducate
I've been trying to maintain a healthier lifestyle since I moved to South Jersey. But, eating at home isn't always easy and I may end up eating something not healthy for me. Fooducate helps me know what foods are good and healthy to eat.
App of the Week
Ladies, we all know that our time of the month is never something we look forward to. We go through mood swings, cramps, headaches, etc. We are literally emotional roller-coasters grabbing for the chocolate, salt, or in my case...eggs.
Typically, I use the handy-dandy Period Tracker App, which has no…

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