If you get pulled around on on a boat in the dirt, behind a jeep, you MIGHT be a South Jersey Redneck!

Boats are traditionally limited to fun in the water. Rednecks don't limit themselves when it comes to fun.


Nothing better than a beautiful sunny day - deep in the South Jersey Pine Barrens with friends...and boats...and motorcycles...and a boat being dragged through the dirt behind a jacked up Toyota FJ!

Seat belt? Naw. Crash helmet? Naw. Any kind of safety device? Naw!

People idly standing around? Check. Small children within the range of eminent danger? Check. Loud, fast motorbikes and quads zipping around potentially running over anyone in their way? Check!

That's how you do it in the Pines.

Where I come from in Georgia, we call it "muddin'", but the prime ingredient is MUD. If only they would have added a little water...but then boats are supposed to be in water, right?

This awesome redneck video was posted on YouTube by NJshadow93

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