As Regal Cinemas in South Jersey and many other theaters in the area prepares for The Raven to take flight starting tomorrow, another Raven will soar in the area to help a deserving charity in our area.

The Buzz on The Raven starring John Cusack is strong to give this flick a solid chance to be near the top of the box office take for the weekend.  Cusack has grown up on the big screen since his 1983 debut in Class with Rob Lowe and Andrew McCarthy.  He has had memorable turns in 80s classics like 16 Candles and The Sure Thing, but his standout moment was as Lloyd Dobbler in Say Anything... (his scene standing outside Diane's house with the boom-box held over his head, and "In Your Eyes" by Peter Gabriel blasting out is one of the best moments in screen history!)

He has had the ability to shine in quirky roles (like in Tapeheads and Being John Malkovich), in action films (like Con Air in '97), in big budget blockbusters (like 2012), in drama (like Grace Is Gone, which should have given Cusack an Oscar nomination), and true stories (like Eight Men Out).

Looking closer at Cusack's career, you may be surprised to find that he has never had an Oscar nomination - not even for his brilliant performance as record store owner Rob Gordon in High Fidelity back in 2000 (which did earn John a Golden Globe nomination).

Cusack is now embarking is his most challenging role ever as the legendary Edgar Allen Poe, and trying to capture the famed author (as The Washington Post describes) in a way that many previous tries have failed to do.

The Raven opens tomorrow and should be able to find it at your nearby movie theater.  Cusack has 7 film projects on the docket for the next year, and the roles continue to be as diverse as his career - from a manager of an adult book store (Adult World opposite Emma Roberts), to a death row inmate (The Paperboy with Nicole Kidman and Zac Efron), and rumored to be portraying former president Richard Nixon (The Butler).

Don't be surprised if John Cusack finds his way to a major award within the next year or two.


"What about me?  What about Raven?" This quote comes from Philly guy Scott Levy - you may know him better as professional wrestler The Raven.

The former University of Delaware graduate with an IQ of over 140 (highly gifted) found himself in Westville, NJ back in the day and detoured into the world of wrestling.  Over 20 years later, this Raven has seen the heights of success in the WWE, the now defunct WCW and ECW, and recently in TNA.

The Raven has been inactive for much of the last year, but has been busy with his entertaining YouTube show The Raven Effect.  His return to the mat comes this weekend as he will be doing a special event on Sunday @ 1pm.

Raven comes to Egg Harbor Township for A Battle Royal at Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church (7004 Ridge Avenue).  Tickets are $13.00 for general admission and you can get advanced tickets by calling 609-7880-4026, or visit  Proceeds from every ticket benefit Officer Down.

Enjoy your weekend, and have The Raven of any form be a part of it (Quote The Raven, no more!)