The website The Daily Meal just put out its list of the “31 Best Boardwalks for Food” and South Jersey is well represented.

While we didn't take #1, SJ made two top 10 appearances on the website’s rundown of boardwalk grub.

What was the criteria? The site said:

To help us determine this, we categorized popular American boardwalk vacation spots into five separate categories. Our social category not only took into consideration the amount of followers they had on Twitter and Facebook, it noted how often they posted about the food scene on their boardwalks, and how many “deals” they post. Next we looked at the actual quantity of restaurants on or just off of the boards. The more locations, the better! But it isn’t all quantity over quality here at The Daily Meal: they had to be highly rated places, and there had to be a wide variety of eateries (it can’t all be a potato on a stick, people!). We also considered the atmosphere surrounding the boardwalk and eateries, as well as the fun-factor of it being bustling with fun people. Our final category was editorial judgment, where we considered all of this elements, plus commentary that floated around the social sites surrounding these beach institutions.

With that said, here’s how we did:

15. Ocean City Boardwalk

If you're looking for a classic boardwalk dining experience, there are a ton of places you can casually stop by on the Ocean City Boardwalk. Take a walk a little behind the boardwalk for a seafood dinner at Spadafora’s and you’ll be dining on fresh dockside seafood. Kohr’s Frozen Custard at the Jersey Shore Boardwalk is home to many sweet-tooth-pleasing treats, including flavors like cotton candy and orange cream. It's perfect for cooling down on a hot day!

4. Atlantic City Boardwalk

Casino lovers can meander into any of the casino’s high-end restaurants for a gourmet experience, but this historical site has a ton of beach food everyone can afford. The oldest and longest of all the boardwalks in the U.S. has been dubbed the "Salt Water Taffy Capital of the World." James Candy Company sells their signature taffy in souvenir boxes and by the bucket. And while the view isn’t much to take in, fans of battered food will won’t mind once they’re nibbling on fried Oreos and fried pickles from Vanina’s Ice Cream.


3. Wildwood Boardwalk

With heavy Philadelphia culinary influences, the Wildwood Boardwalk food scene is bursting with fried and gourmet options alike. Head to Curly’s for their signature fries or mosey on down to Douglas's Fudge’s delicious sweet shop. With spots like Philly’s own Chickie’s and Pete’s making a name for themselves on the boards, it will be hard to choose where you’d like to eat first. Just make sure you watch the tram car, please!


See the whole list of 31 and a slide show here.

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