After dyeing my hair blonde, my curls were completely damaged. Here we are, a year later and they're better than ever! So, I wanted to share my tips with you all!

I am in no way a hair professional, but curly hair is a big part of my identity. Having to constantly straighten my hair because of how damaged my hair became, broke my heart.

So I took matters into my own hands, and these were the results after 1 year:

Here's what I did to get it healthy again and hopefully it works for you too:

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    I dyed my hair back to its original color after being blonde for a year. The blonde really damaged its original texture and caused a lot split ends. Which brings me to number 2:

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    I made it a point to regularly get my hair cut (every 6-8 weeks) just to remove split ends. At this point, I wasn't worried about length and I focused solely on having healthy hair again!

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    Yep, say goodbye to your blowdryer, flat iron and curl wand! Instead use an old cotton t-shirt to take away excess water, and air dry!

    (I do use a diffuser on low heat to create volume though!)

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    I switched to sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner, such as Organix Coconut Curls. Then, I stopped using mousses and hair-sprays since they break my hair. To keep my curl texture, I use Miss Jessie's Pillow-Soft, or Multi-Cultural Curls. FYI: Target has them for cheap!

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    It's important to understand what kind of curl you have. Like my mother always told me, what works for one doesn't work for everyone! Here's a website I used as my starting point, check it out here.