We all know that young kids can be very curious and may experiment with things, but lately a dare that has kids combining salt and ice on their skin has gone viral.  The results of this game are not exactly comical, and can be considered harmful.

The "Salt and Ice Challenge" involves putting salt on your skin, pressing ice on top of it and holding it in place until the ice melts or until the pain becomes too severe.  YouTube sees numerous videos of kids attempting this challenge, which experts say can cause severe burns to the skin, similar to frostbite.

Officials over the bridge at the Phoenixville Middle School became concerned after they say they heard students talking about the game.  They quickly took action and sent a letter warning parents - "Our goal is to provide you with this information in order to facilitate open communication at home to ensure the safety of our students," said Dr. Frank Garritano of the Phoenixville School District.

NBC 10 recently did a report on this strange game.  We are certainly not recommending you try this for yourself!