Revel Atlantic City opens for an eight-preview next week, and no one is more anxious to get the cash registers ringing than its Chief Executive Officer, Kevin DeSanctis.

“It was a tough road to completion and many people that work here and the state are depending on its success” said DeSanctis, standing outside on the mezzanine level after Governor Christie came to tour the new facility.


The $2.4 billion project had numerous obstacles when construction was stopped in 2010 when they ran out of funding. Development restarted in 2011 with a billion in additional funding and then got finished with the help of state tax incentives from the governor.

“There was a lot of investment put into this and it means a lot for many people…but I’m anxious to open the doors and let people get in here and see what this place is all about. We haven’t made a dollar yet, so I’m waiting to see the response Revel will get,” said DeSanctis.

He said he hopes guests take advantage of the biggest amenity the resort has to offer, the beach and ocean views.

“I think people don’t realize how beautiful it is down here and when they come down and see Atlantic City this way I think it will change the way they feel about the town and that’s terrific.”

He also doesn’t believe that the new mega-resort will siphon away guests from other casinos in the city.

“We are targeting families and the casual guest who will come to the spa, enjoy the restaurants, wander around the shops on the boardwalk, but maybe isn’t the avid gambler…so I don’t think we will be taking away any of the people who will come to Atlantic City purely for gambling.”

Governor Christie has called Revel’s completion a key to the revitalization of Atlantic City.

“The completion of Revel and its opening is a turning point for Atlantic City and a clear sign that people once again have faith in the City’s ability to come back and be successful.

Revel is scheduled to open with a champagne toast at sunrise April 2nd.


Courtesy Governor’s Office