You would not think after the tragedy that happened in the movie theater less than 2 weeks ago in the Denver area someone would stand up during The Dark Night Rises and try to cause a panic.  Well take a look at the potential Stupidest Citizen of 2012!

The man you see pictured is David Escamillo, a 44-yr-old man who on Monday night decided to come into a movie theater in the Miami area with black gloves on and scream "This Is It!" from the back of the theater.  According to the Miami Beach Police Dept., Escamillo's actions sent a hundred moviegoers fleeing for the exits.

NBC News reported that officers responded to the theater to a call of shots fired, and they found three moviegoers detaining Escamillo.  Thankfully there was no sign of a gun or bullet casings in the theater.  Escamillo had claimed all along that he had not shot or hurt anyone - one part of this is true.

This guy was obviously not thinking, and was in a foul mood because of an altercation Escamillo got into with  another moviegoer.  Adding to this was the fact that Escamillo was reeking of alcohol and sounding irrational according to NBC News.

Because of what happened in Colorado, police reacted with force - important right now to make people feel safe.  Escamillo may have not been dangerous, but he was truly stupid - he's being held currently on an $8,000 bond, has been charged with "disorderly conduct", and has an arrest record for battery in the past.

By the time this year ends, remember this moment as a definite contender for the SoJO Stupid Citizen for 2012 (mark this one down Tom Morgan).