Happy Friday & thanks for checking out SoJO1049.com!  I hope you all have had a great week.  Let me start off by throwing this little bit of wisdom out into the universe: Summer is NOT. OVER. YET!  I see and hear a lot of people griping that "they can't believe summer is over"... Well, over in my little part of the world, the weather is great, the boardwalks are booming and there are still plenty of fun things to be done!  My summer doesn't end till Target puts out holiday decorations... oh wait, did I speak too soon??? (That's a whole other discussion! LOL)

This weekend, as most, I have to pick and choose what I'm doing since there are many things going on at the same time... and the silly laws of reality set in so I've given up trying to be in 2 places at once... Trust me, no matter what your boss says, it can't be done.  With that said, here are my weekend highlights...

Friday I will be buzzing by the Revel to check out Stone Temple Pilots.  This will be my first time seeing them.  So I am not really sure what to expect, but they have been around for so long, I figured I should do it now before they call it quits and end up on VH1's Behind The Music...

Saturday, I will be heading back to Revel for the Duran Duran show.

First, let say this: Lately, Revel has gotten some negative press about their financial situation...  I think the building is great, the entertainment is great and it's a beautiful place to enjoy (especially since they added a coffee bar). So just ENJOY IT!

Unless you are paying their mortgage and bills: get over it! LOL  I don't think a brand new facility of that magnitude will close and sit empty any time soon! Now back to Duran Duran!

I saw them last year at the Borgata and was really impress how much they still rock out.  Obviously we are all older from when Duran Duran first hit the scene, but Simon's voice is still very much on point with the studio recordings!  Once the show starts, you will quickly remember just how many hits of there's you know and had forgotten about.

I will be set up with "SoJO On The Go" outside Ovation Hall with a chance to win tickets into the show, so stop by starting at 5:30!

Sunday I head over to the Borgata to catch Kathy Griffin.  Kathy performs in Atlantic City quite often but I have missed her every time.  Now that she is scheduled for a Sunday show, this is my chance to seize the opportunity!

If you have seen her show or any of her stand up routines, you know her humor is mainly story telling of celebrities and current events.

You can catch Kathy on the Bravo channel almost anytime! LOL

Monday I urge all South Jersey foodies to check out the 5th Annual Taste of the Quarter inside Tropicana! You have to eat at some point right?

According the the Tropicana website,  there will be an international menu including appetizers, main courses, & delectable desserts as well as tastings of premium wines, beers & cocktails.

Plus this year you can get a Taste of Fashion with an exciting fashion show featuring clothing and accessories from the retailers of The Quarter.

Fashion Show begins at 8:30pm in Boogie Nights & admission is free with a wristband from Taste of the Quarter.  You can get tickets at the Imax box office or Ticketmaster!

Wednesday I am really excited to see Alanis Morrisette at the House of Blues in Showboat!

She has one of the recognizable voices in the business and it will be great to catch up with all the songs I grew up with in high school! LOL  Yes, I'm old...  Alanis is noted as an influence behind one of today's biggest stars in pop music today: Katy Perry.

Katy pays homage to Alanis in her recent movie, Katy Perry The Movie: Part Of Me available on Blue Ray & DVD September 18th.

As always, stop by and say HI at any events or snag some pics. If you use Instagram make sure to tag them  #InstaSoJO

Here are some great happenings this weekend to help you plan your outings!


Stone Temple Pilots at Revel Ovation Hall

KD Lang at the Borgata

Legends of Hip Hop with Biz Markie & Slick Rick at House Of Blues


Keith Urban at the Borgata

Duran Duran at Revel Ovation Hall

Jenny McCarthy at the Pool in Harrah's

Al Green at the Trump Taj Mahal


Kathy Griffin at the Borgata


Taste of the Quarter inside Tropicana


Alanis Morrisette  at the House Of Blues

This week I am really into this song.  Every time it's on the radio, I can't turn if off!  Alex Clare "Too Close"