A beautiful moment that was suppose to be full of romance went awry recently when a marriage proposal did not go exactly as planned, and this proposal was not your typical one at all!

24-year-old Nikoleta Karoly had decided to turn the tables and took the initiative by proposing marriage to her boyfriend.  On the surface this seems like a romantic "I cannot live without this man" moment - well that is only partially true.

Turns out Karoly’s visa had expired recently, and in order to avoid being deported she made the proposal to her boyfriend.  Reports from authorities in Naples, Florida say the man was hesitant to tie the knot, due to her history of violent behavior.  The couple had another fight about her residency three weeks ago, which ended in her punching him.

When the word "NO" came out, Karoly snapped and began choking him along with scratching him.  At one point authorities said Karoly slapped him hard enough for him to suffer from a residual ringing in his ears.

Police also found that Karoly had threatened to stab her boyfriend if he still wouldn’t marry her.  She was subsequently arrested, and faces domestic violence charges.  How Romantic?  Nothing says romantic like residual ringing in the ears?  Paging Morgan - Stupid Citizen nominee?