Thursday night brought amazing SoJO Listeners, great times at Tango's inside Tropicana Casino, and Tristan Prettyman.

It also brought a cold sweat....


As I said my good-byes to everybody, I walked to the Quarter parking garage.


As I stood in the elevator, I asked myself 'do I remember where I parked?'  It's a question I ask myself every time I park in the casino parking garages of Atlantic City.  I  remembered that I was on the second floor, that was a start.


What I forgot was that the garage has different sections, so misplacing your car can be very easy if you're not careful. I also forgot that my jacket was in my car.


So for the next HOUR, I found myself wondering the parking garage looking for Silver Bullet Version 2.0 (that's the name of my car by the way, that's a different story).


I gave myself 'shifts' ten minutes in the garage, five minutes inside the casino to get warm.  These 'shifts' rotated several times.


I even found the SoJO truck, before I found my own car.


The scariest part about this adventure was the woman who stopped her car to talk to me.  She rolled down her window and asked "Honey, did you lose your car?".  What a sweet lady!  She cares.  Embarrassed, I looked at the ground and said "yes".  (By the way, there was a PP Puddle near where I was standing).


Hopefully this sweet wonderful lady that has spent way too much money on slot machines cares enough to drive me around the garage and help me find my car.  Right?  Nope!  Instead she rolled up her window and laughed so loud you can hear it echo throughout the garage.


That laugh must have been what the doctor ordered, for I eventually found my car about 2 minutes later.


The hour spent looking for my car really threw me off.  My nightly routine of preparing for the following day's show was cut short.  I had to go to bed.


I ended up sleeping in, didn't shower, and therefore Heather will be smelling an amazing aroma of body odor and tears in the SoJO Studio.


Have you ever lost your car?  How long did it take to find it?