In honor of President's Day, I've listed my 5 favorite fictional film presidential portrayals.  Someone I wish someone like Michael Douglas' character from 'The American President' could actually be in the oval office.  On paper he's perfect.  #1.  Michael Douglas as President Andrew Shepherd in 'The American President'...Douglas gives one of the most powerful faux political speeches in movie history.

#2.  John Travolta as Governor Jack Stanton, the man who would be president in 'Primary Colors'.  Based loosely on former President Bill Clinton, Travolta is just mischievous in this hilarious role.

#3.  Bill Pullman as President Thomas J. Whitmore in 'Independence Day'.  Pullman's president thinks nothing of getting down and dirty in the fight against an alien invasion, even after the passing of the First Lady turns him into a single dad.

#4.  Kevin Klein as President Bill Mitchell in 'Dave'.  Klein character Dave Kovic becomes the White House's understudy for the Commander In Chief after he suffers a stroke, and the oval office's greatest budget balancer.

#5.  Morgan Freeman as President Beck in 'Deep Impact'.  Impending doom and a mega-asteroid headed straight for earth forces Freeman's president to invent a lottery to save a handful of the planet's earthlings.  He, though, makes the ultimate sacrifice for his country.