Are you on a tight budget, and don't know what to get Mom?  Here are a few ideas to get you started.


According to businesspundit, here are just a few things you can get Mom for under 50 bucks:


Framed photos or kids’ art.--Finding the right picture and/or frame could cost as much as 40 dollars, and last a life time.


Maid service--A typical maid charges any where from 20 to 30 dollars an hour.  A nice, clean house without doing any of the work is always appreciated.


A Picnic---Cheese, crackers, fruit, finger sandwiches.  You can also take her on a hike or a walk on the beach, which costs nothing.


Home Video---Make a home video with you and the kids.  Again, just like a picture, this gift can last a lifetime and virtually costs nothing.


Do you have any more ideas? What are the best gifts to give Mom for under 50 dollars? Is 50 dollars too little?

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