Champagne was flowing last night in New York City as Katy Perry shared new songs from her forthcoming third album release Prism. Katy treated her closest radio friends to a listening party previewing ten new tracks, and also unveiled the music video for 'Roar', her now 8th #1 chart topper. 

I didn't know what to expect.  This event was so private and hush-hush.  Security even confiscated my cell phone at the point of entry, so I figured I was about to be one of the first people to hear a good chunk of Katy's new material.  And she did not disappoint.  She's only getting better.


photo courtesy of Capitol Records


Solo, located in lower Manhattan's business district near Wall Street, was transformed into an icy white, dreamy space adorned with loads of holographic elements in honor of Katy's chosen album title Prism.







photo courtesy of Capitol RecordsI had fully anticipated a full-on animal print theme given the album's first single and video. But Capitol Records, Katy's music label, threw a vibey, elegant gathering both very New York and very Katy.  I'd definitely call it magical.

Prior to writing for Prism Katy endured a painful divorce from husband Russell Brand, so I thought there would be a lot of angsty, heartbreaking, love-gone-wrong types of tunes going forward.  But Prism is really the parting of the clouds beginning with 'Roar'.  From what I gather upon my first listen of this new collection is that Katy has not transformed, but truly grown from her experiences, and rather than dwell in them, she's letting them roll off her back and not taking herself too seriously.  So get ready for a sweet, party record as well as a deeper look into Katy's soul.


photo courtesy of Capitol Records



5 Tracks to Listen for on Prism by Katy Perry:

  1. 'Birthday' This will quickly become my favorite song/anthem from Prism It's light, boppy, fun, and celebratory.
  2. 'Unconditionally'.  Could this be dedicated to Katy's latest love John Mayer?  It's certainly sweet enough to be. 
  3. 'This is How We Do'.  Straight up party track. 
  4. 'Double Rainbow'.  There's always a silver lining, maybe even too.  This was a crowd favorite, and potentially the heart and soul of Prism.
  5. 'Dark Horse'.  This is Katy's biggest departure to date.  The song takes on many different sounds throughout, and even includes a sample of Art of Noise's cult classic love song 'Moments in Love'.

**Honorable mention:  'By The Grace of God' A powerful and freeing ballad about overcoming adversity.




photo courtesy of Capitol Records


Katy and I had a chance to chat a bit about the new cuts and she mentioned her favorite song on the album is 'Unconditionally', which I also consider to have the strongest single potential of all the recent material.




Cover art for Katy Perry's album Prism, courtesy of Capitol Records



Prism hits stores on October 21st.  The standard edition will feature 13 tracks, the deluxe edition will feature 16 songs.








photo courtesy of Capitol Records



Katy received a special plaque from Capitol Records in honor of her 8th #1 Billboard Hot 100 single 'Roar'.