Although, truthfully, it is my job. But would I spend this much time checking Facebook, Linkedin, YouTube, Twitter, Tumblr if I were an accountant? Well, yeah, probably.The cool thing is that sometimes I find really interesting nuggets of information as I scour the internet. Like, did you know that social media now accounts for 18% of the average Americans' time spent online, according to the very smart people over at Mashable.

Let;s be honest, that's not altogether that surprising, really. I mean, I can tell you right now that 45% of you are reading this because you clicked on it on SoJO's Facebook page.

In addition to the internet, I'm also obsessed with infographics. If you haven't seen an inforgraphic yet, I highly recommend you find one. Wait, I think I actually have one for you:

You'll notice that our habits are changing. The way we consume information is changing. Life as we knew it is changing.

So, tell me what you think about that infographic. Anything you find really surprising?