If your headed to Mommouth County from Cape May on the Garden State Parkway---you know that at some point you will be paying a toll.  One particular toll (on the 174-mile roadway to be exact) asks you to pay about $3.85.  Well, guess what, that's about to change.  You've heard rumors for a while that some of our South Jersey tolls will go up--but by how much?  This particular toll will go up 50%!  Yes, you will be paying $5.75 each way!  The reason behind the increase, according to the Press of Atlantic City, is to help officials raise more than $8 billion needed to widen the Turnpike and Parkway.

The money also was slated to contribute to a now-defunct project to build a second rail tunnel under the Hudson River into New York City.

Are the reasons above good reasons for an increase in our tolls?  Should the increase go to something else?