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Additional Information

My name is Logan and I’m 6 years old.
I don’t run and play like other boys my age. I’ll never throw a baseball to
my Daddy or tease my two sisters. I’ll never feed myself or tie my own
shoe. I’ll never be able to tell my Mommy how much I LOVE her.
I’ll never be able to tell my own story. But, it’s my story, just the same.
I was born on December 11, 2006, 4 months
before I was due. I weighed just 1 lb 4 oz. With a
grim prognosis, I spent the next 150+ days in the
Neonatal Intensive Care Unit of a Philadelphia
hospital FIGHTING to breathe…
FIGHTING to become stronger than the machines
that were keeping me alive…
FIGHTING to survive.
I overcame many obstacles – obstacles that some
said I would never overcome.
My body may look fragile to the outside world, but
my will to live is strong.
Today, I’m asking for your support. My family
has organized a ZUMBATHON to raise money
for my school so they can continue to help kids
like me. Please consider supporting our
efforts. Every little bit grows and grows…Just
like my smile…

Being diagnosed with QUADRIPLEGIC SPASTIC
CEREBRAL PALSY may hold me back from doing a
lot of things, but I still SMILE. My smile has been
known to light up a room. I smile because I’m
loved. I’m a son, a grandson, a brother, a nephew.
My family loves me.
They feel blessed every day that I’M ALIVE.
I’m also a 1st grade student at ATLANTIC COUNTY

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