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SoJO 104.9 and Heather DeLuca will be broadcsating live from 5:30pm to 7:30pm for Duran Duran concert at Revel Resorts in Atlantic City!

For over 30 years, Duran Duran has consistently remained in the spotlight. Perhaps that's because the band members aren't just exemplary musicians, songwriters and singers — they're also relentless innovators.

From revolutionizing the music video genre with sophisticated filmmaking techniques to transforming concerts through computer animation and offering the first downloadable song, Duran Duran has repeatedly embraced new media and technology to heighten the intensity of its music.

The results speak for themselves. Their debut album remained in the UK Top 100 for 118 weeks. In 1982, "Hungry Like the Wolf" was a chart-topping single from "Rio," an album that New Musical Express ranked on its 100 Greatest Albums Of All Time. Honored with five Lifetime Achievement Awards in the 2000s, Duran Duran has received critical acclaim for its latest album "All You Need Is Now" — helping push the band's career sales total to 80+ million records.

On August 25, Duran Duran visits Ovation Hall, a 5,000-seat amphitheater that hosts top entertainers like Beyoncé and Maroon 5. Designed by Scéno Plus, Ovation Hall creates an intimate atmosphere with its unobstructed sight lines and rich acoustics — allowing the audience to become an integral part of the performance.  Find tickets here.