Ellen DeGeneres tweeted today "'I've had a lot of guests over 9 seasons, but none have been as friendly as this one".  What celebrity earned this honor?  Did a celebrity earn this honor?

The unquestioned Queen of daytime TV has had some of Hollywood's biggest celebrities since her show debuted in 2003.  The Ellen DeGeneres Show has won 32 daytime Emmy Awards to date - combining her sense of comedy with the A-List and those of human interest.

You would think that with all the guests she has had that her "most friendly guest" would be someone we would know, or someone who tugged on heartstrings.  You would be wrong in this case.  As it turns out the guest is not even human!

Check out Ellen's show with a friendly snake - some of the moments will have you dying laughing.

The video has been out less than a day - Ellen only tweeted the video out about an hour ago and has had over 100,000 views already.  Enjoy!!!!