Are you single and about to 'bite the bullet' and try online dating? Or, are you married and have a friend who is talking about it?

Before you create a profile, make sure you know not to the following.

Tom Morgan recently sat down with Chad Stone, author of "Confessions of a Middle Aged Babe Magnet"

In the book, Chad lists the eight mistakes you don't want to make on your online dating profile:


  1. Don’t post a gloomy-faced shot as your primary photo. Smile! Look happy. Your potential dates are NOT looking for a bad time. No one ever wrote, “For a bad time call 555-7649” on a restroom wall.
  2. Don’t post a photo of yourself and your friend if your friend is better looking than you are.
  3. Don’t forget that your profile is a sales brochure for you. Make it fun and snappy. It you’re a bad
    writer, ask your creative friends for help.
  4. Under the category of 'What’s Your Best Feature', don’t choose “feet”.
  5. Don’t lie. Tell the truth about yourself. Saying that you’re 6 feet tall if you’re really 5 foot six is just plain stupid. Your lie is going to be revealed the first time you meet face to face.
  6. Sound enthusiastic, not bored. Most women aren’t looking to date bored men. And men definitely aren’t looking for women who sound impossible to please.
  7. Women: Refrain from bad-mouthing men in your profile unless you are looking for a woman as your next lover. (The same advice also applies to men. Don’t bad-mouth women!)
  8. Emphasize yourself, not your adorable dog—or your many cats. No one wants to compete with a furry creature that has to go outside to poop.