Look, maybe I'm sensitive, but I've always taken umbrage with the label 'bossy'.  I've always viewed the adjective as convenient for people who don't like when someone is assertive or opinionated.  Now a new campaign initiated by Facebook COO Sheryl Sanberg (and endorsed by the likes of Beyonce and Jennifer Garner) seeks to ban the word 'bossy'.  But does the idea really need to be taken that far?  Should we ban 'bossy'?

Besides being on the air everyday, I'm also in a position of leadership in the company I work for, and often times that can lead to criticism when standing up for my ideas or having to enforce rules.  If I'm being honest, I do recognize there is a line between being 'bitchy' and being 'bossy'.  But I do believe 'bossy' has derogatory connotation, and I don't think women should be punished for being in a position of 'power'.  I think it's a term that gets thrown around when people are threatened by or are uncomfortable with answering to women in leadership roles.

However, I do strongly believe in letting the dirt fall off your shoulders.  I believe in not paying attention to the naysayers.  After all, the courage to work hard enough to be put in a position of leadership makes women strong enough in their own right to not to be so offended by such an infantile word.  I don't think 'bossy' is the same as 'bully', and it shouldn't been received as harshly.

#BanBossy is trending all over Facebook and Twitter. The accompanying PSA currently airing on the Lifetime network encourages leadership in young girls, who are often branded bossy while pursuing their ambitions.

"Girls are less interested in leadership than boys," Bey says in the video. "Be brave, be you."

She adds, "I'm not bossy, I’m the boss."

What do you think?