Five Movies That Turn 20 in 2015 [VIDEO] created a list of twenty movies that turn 20 in 2015.  I must say, I felt old reading this list.  I kept saying 'I remember when that movie premiered!'.  Brace yourselves, you're going to be in denial.
Official ‘Entourage’ Movie Trailer [VIDEO]
Vince, Ari, E, Drama, and Turtle are officially back. After a long wait, we've now got the first trailer for the Entourage movie. It's got everything you want, which is to say, there's a superhero DJ and a lot of Jeremy Piven yelling. Watch it after the jump!
Watch the New Jurassic World Trailer [VIDEO]
First off, I LOVE that we're getting a new Jurassic Park...err...World movie! For some reason, after everything that happened in the first three movies, THEY WENT AHEAD AND OPENED THE PARK ANYWAY. But, who cares right?

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