Watch the New Jurassic World Trailer [VIDEO]
First off, I LOVE that we're getting a new Jurassic Park...err...World movie! For some reason, after everything that happened in the first three movies, THEY WENT AHEAD AND OPENED THE PARK ANYWAY. But, who cares right?
Watch the Intense New Movie Trailer for ‘Gone Girl’ [VIDEO]
I only just recently finished Gillian Flynn's best-selling novel Gone Girl, so it's still really close to me.  Friends who had read it warned me that I'd be hooked but disappointed by the story's ending.  I was, a little, but what I knew for sure was that the disappearance of 'Amazing' Amy Elliot an…
My 5 Favorite Tom Cruise Throwback Roles [VIDEO]
I can't believe Tom Cruise turns 52 today!  He's gone a little off the reservation in recent years, but he seems to get better looking with each year!  So I thought it would be Throwback Thursday appropriate to share my favorite Tom Cruise movie roles from the 80's and 90&ap…

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