If you see one bedbug, take action, you do NOT mess with bedbugs!



A student at William H. Ross Elementary School in Margate came home with a letter from the principal regarding a bedbug found.  This obviously put parents on the edge, however, kudos to the school and school administration for getting on top of this.  Along with letters sent home to parents, pest control has also visited the school twice and haven't found anymore bugs. But the clean-up doesn't end there.


The school also has plans on bringing in a K-9 on May 17th to verify with a much deeper inspection, to make sure that everything is good.

On Wednesday May 14th, school administrators say they are going to have an open meeting with parents, and a broad Q&A, to address any other concerns anyone may have about the bedbug issue.

Officials say that if they do discover more bedbugs with the K-9, they will be exterminated with a heating process, and that no chemicals will be used in the school. (NBC40)


Even if you think you have the cleanest home/office in the world, bedbugs can still infect your space.  Believe me, I had them once.  Now before you start saying 'ewww Tom you're gross', my apartment was and is still relatively clean.  A few of my neighbors were also infected with bedbugs in their apartments too.  It was the biggest pain in the you know what.  I spent that entire month of July 2012 cleaning and heavily drying all of my clothes, sheets, and blankets.  On three different occasions, pest control visited my home to turn all of my furniture upside down and spray.


Again, you don't mess with the bedbugs! To the faculty and staff at William H. Ross Elementary School, I applaud your swift actions in this matter.  Continue to take EVERY precaution that is needed to keep everyone safe!