Potato chips come is many different varieties and flavors, but did Pringles potentially go to far with a potato crisp covered in white chocolate and flavored with peppermint?

Jumping on the holiday bandwagon, the Pringles people decide to come up with 2 new flavors for this season - a cinnamon sugar chip, and a the white chocolate covered chip with peppermint.

Announced on the company's Facebook page, Pringles has seen reactions ranging from "nasty" and "intense" to "disgusting", mainly toward the white chocolate peppermint variety.

The cinnamon sugar Pringle could conceivably work if you look at it at as a sweet potato chip (like a yam maybe).

Pringles has come up with some wild flavor combinations that have worked - the Pizzalicious has been successful, and in the UK the Wasabi chip has done well.  Some ideas that seemed interesting, like the Dill Pickle and the Prawn Cocktail, not so much.

You can understand maybe Pringles getting on the trend of chips that lean toward Sweet Potatoes and the gourmet feel of chocolate covered (which has seen some success), but the peppermint seems to be off-putting.

Target is believed to be carrying these Pringles flavors right now.