Today is Presidents Day - for most a federal holiday giving you a 3-day weekend, but by definition what is this day?  Are we saluting all of the Presidents of The United States of America?  Well by definition not really, and yet the title of today seems all encompassing for every man who served this country's highest office.  How did get top this point?

Going back to the late 1800's, a federal holiday was implemented to salute the birth of our first president George Washington.  February 22nd became the holiday - George's actual birthday.  For nearly a hundred years the date was etched in stone until 1971 when the federal holiday was shifted to the third Monday in February by something called The Uniform Monday Holiday Act.

Since Presidents Day lands between Washington and Abraham Lincoln's birthday, it has become over the years a day to salute both presidents, but that was never truly the intention.  Lincoln's birthday was never a federal holiday.

The first memory of Presidents Day for many was back in the mid-1980's.  The term is not used unanimously across the country as some states have a different definition of Presidents Day, like Massachusetts separating Washington's birthday from their Presidents Day on May 29 to salute the 4 past presidents with roots to the state.

Confusing?  When you break down today you know it as a day off for most, a shopping day with great sale opportunities, and a chance for your kids to be home an extra day, but defining today may make your head hurt.  Let's say we can salute all of the presidents - how can you do it?

One attempt can come here by the one band named for all of the President of The USA:

Happy Presidents Day to most, and to the rest I hope this Monday was not too terrible to begin your week.