Most people in their 90s are happy to just be alive, but one man is still expanding his family by reportedly becoming the oldest man to father a newborn recently.

Ramjeet Raghav (pictured) lives in India and was a bachelor into his 80s when he met his wife Shakuntala Devi about 10 years ago.  Raghav has claimed to have been celibate until he married Devi - the couple have been somewhat busy as they have 2 sons in the last 2 years.  Their latest edition makes Ragvah the supposed oldest man to have fathered a newborn, breaking his own record from 2010 when he was 94.

Is there a secret to Raghav's longevity and virility?  The Nonagenarian (who according to The Huffington Post has his age on record with the Haryana government's social welfare department) feels this is all "God's Will", although his diet of milk, butter and almonds seems to agree with him.

The newborn is reportedly healthy, the parents are happy, and they are done with having more kids - not because they feel they cannot do it again, but because the couple cannot afford the financial burden.

Let's not ignore the feat Raghav's wife has accomplished in this birthing.  Devi has now given birth to 2 sons in her 50s - she is now 52.