Saturday, August 16th offers the opportunity for you to shake up your Summer of SoJO, and take part in the most exciting thing to hit Atlantic City in ages!  It's our Insane Inflatable 5K, and if you're home sitting on your couch that, you're missing out on bucket-list kind of fun the whole family can enjoy!  If you've ever thought of tackling a 5K, this is an obstacle course that makes it so fun to run!

Here are 5 reasons you'll regret not indulging in the SoJO 104.9 Insane Inflatable 5K:


  • 1

    You'll miss the greatest adult playground ever!

  • 2

    It's the closest thing to Wipeout you'll ever experience.

  • 3

    People that attend will tell you all they fun they had without you.

  • 4

    The kids can play in the Boardwalk Bounce zone!

  • 5

    You'll miss a chance to aid the Atlantic City Rescue Mission.