It's official.  Seth MacFarlane is hosting the Academy Awards next year.  I've sketched out 5 reasons to look forward to this funny man as Oscar's next ringleader.









Kevin Winter, Getty Images







Reason #1.  He's devastatingly  handsome.  Dare I even say sexy?  Hot?  Oh yes.  He'll make for a gleaming distraction from all those boring acceptance speeches.







Reason #2.  He is a master impressionist with a surprisingly strong singing voice as recently evidenced when he hosted Saturday Night Live.




Reason #3.  He's got a ton of famous friends he can lean on for skits. Plus he's a brilliantly hilarious writer and director.





Reason #4.  He's both respected and feared by Hollywood for his unpredictable jabs.  But not in a drunken Ricky Gervais kind of way.


Reason #5.  HELLO!  He's STEWIE!!!!   Gigga-da-gigga-da!


The 85th Annual Academy Awards will be handed out on Sunday, February 24, 2013.