The new fall season unofficially starts tomorrow night on NBC when Go On starring Matthew Perry comes on NBC after Olympic coverage.  The show looks like a winner for the new Fall season, and there seems to be an encouraging batch of new shows for this season.

Last season seemed to be an utter disappointment as many shows bit the dust at an alarming pace.  How quickly we forget the remake of Charlie's Angels, The Playboy Club, and Free Agents - they were gone within their first 5 episodes on TV.

New shows have to grab their audience fast - competition is incredibly fierce with the options between network and cable TV networks.  The idea of developing a show seems to have disappeared with no chance of coming back.  In this TV environment, M*A*S*H* would never have survived (the show was ranked 46th after its 1st season on CBS).

Time to look into the crystal ball and look at 5 shows with potential for success this fall:

1) Go On

Matthew Perry returns to the network that made him a star.  I posted about this recently, and you can find out more about this new venture by clicking here.

2) Vegas

Take the movie Casino and add in Justified from FX and you have this new CBS entry that has Dennis Quaid on board after a long and successful run in the movies.  Former Emmy winner Micael Chiklis (The Shield) plays against Quaid in a show set in the 60s as the mob moves into the Nevada desert, and the law resorts to desperate measures to maintain justice on the onset of the casino explosion.  Nicholas Pileggi, who created the screenplay for Casino, has created this new show based on true stories.

3) The Mindy Project

Mindy Kaling was one of the driving forces behind The Office as one of its principle writers.  Now she's flying off on her own as the creator, executive producer and star of this FOX series.  Mindy plays a romance-obsessed doctor who is a bit neurotic and all kinds of cute, but is in need of a balance between work and play.  Expect some of her Office friends to be stopping in this season.

4)  Elementary

Take 3 stars who have carved out their niches in their careers, a twist on a classic character, and you have potential for CBS.  Lucy Liu recently succeeded on TV in Southland this past season, and launched her career in Ally McBeal - now she becomes Watson (yes, a female Watson) to Jonny Lee Miller as Sherlock Holmes.  Miller was absolutely chilling as Jordan Chase on Dexter in 2010, and received critics praise for Eli Stone a couple of years earlier.  Add in Aiden Quinn and you have a strong cast who should sell this adventurous concept.

5) See Dad Run

Call this one the wild card entry, but it is the return of a former teen idol - Scott Baio.  Nickelodeon has earned respect for Hot In Cleveland (Emmy nominations thanks in part to Betty White on TV Land), and now hopes to get a winner for Nick At Nite.  Baio plays David Hobbs, an actor who leaves his job after 10 years as the nation's favourite television father - he has to stay at home with his children to keep a deal he made with his wife, who works as an soap opera actress.  The premise seems like fun, and there will be less pressure for this show here than on the networks.