Thinking of heading to a music festival this summer? These essentials will make your experience even better!

Summer is the season of fun music festivals and outdoor concerts. We all know how easy it is to forget things when you're filled with the adrenaline and excitement of seeing your favorite band or performer, so hopefully our list of essentials will both remind and inspire you so that the only thing you're worried about is how amazing your favorite band sounds live!

  • 1

    Ticket or Wristband

    May sound like an obvious one, but make sure you have them on you before heading to the festival.

    Steve Frost
  • 2

    Small Backpack or Fanny Pack

    Imagine how annoying it will be juggling all of your belongings in your arms WHILE trying to take pictures of performers? Plus, fanny packs are totally making a comeback...right?

  • 3

    Sun-Protecting Gear

    No one wants to turn into a lobster while watching their favorite performers. Need I say more?

  • 4

    Light Blankets

    Since some music festivals don't allow guests to bring chairs, bringing blankets can be a simple alternative that will come in handy when your dogs are barking.

    Sarah Asaftei
  • 5

    Power Bank

    Don't be the person who couldn't snapchat the performance because your phone died. If you didn't record it, it didn't happen- remember?

  • 6

    Reusable Water Bottles

    Don't get dehydrated! Most music festivals allow guests to bring a reusable water bottle and have stations to fill them.

    Ferli Achirulli
  • 7

    Comfy Shoes

    As much as we understand your need to impress your favorite band, keep your shoes comfortable since you'll be standing for quite some time.

  • 8


    Even though several vendors will accept credit and debit cards, be one step ahead and bring some cash with you just in case!

    Ingram Publishing
  • 9


    Don't be that person. Everyone sweats. Especially in the heat while dancing and belting out your favorite song at the top of your lungs.

  • 10


    Traveling with a big group? Music festivals are known to have not-the-best cell phone reception. Walkie-Talkies are an easy solution!

  • 11


    When it rains, it pours. Just make sure you're not caught in it by bringing a light poncho.