'Please build a water park....please build a water park....please build a water park....'


No water park.


But Tropicana Casino is looking forward to bringing some exciting renovations!


According to The Press of Atlantic City, 35 Million Dollars will be going towards 'converting storage space into a two-story health and fitness center open to the public at Brighton and Pacific avenues.

Tropicana also plans to update 434 North Tower hotel rooms, and a Boardwalk light and sound show involving a dozen light projecting bollards and nine LED screens on the casino’s towers will run at timed intervals on the renovated casino facade once the work is complete.'


Plans also include extending a dining room at Tropicana's Fin Restaurant.


In addition, 60 million dollars will be going toward the construction of an  'apartment building dubbed as “The Beach at the South Inlet.” Known as part of Pauline’s Prairie, the land that has long sat vacant will become home to 250 apartment units in what developers say will be a high-end complex that could eventually connect to a second phase of the complex, including a grocery store and movie theater.'


While it may not be a water park or Dave & Busters (sorry, I'm still a kid).  This news points to progress, which is what we NEED in Atlantic City.  I have a feeling more construction is on the way, so bring on the cranes!