Philadelphia Eagles tight end Dallas Goedert was attacked at a South Dakota restaurant and bar on Friday night while eating dinner with his family. A video shows the incident.

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A video showed that Goedert was sucker-punched unprovoked.

Reports indicate Goedert, 6-foot-5, 256-pound, was sucker-punched while dining at a restaurant with his family at an establishment called The Zoo Bar in Aberdeen, S.D.  The video appears to be security footage.

He lost consciousness after being hit.

Goedert was taken to the hospital for further evaluation, but he appeared to be fine, and he didn’t suffer any injuries from the altercation.

The Philadelphia Inquirer reports sources said Goedert “was with some friends and family, and two guys kept saying disrespectful things.” The source said Goedert walked over to “tell them to chill,” and was punched.

Police reportedly arrested the person who hit him.

Goedert is a South Dakota native who played college football at South Dakota State. He is entering his third season with the Eagles.

Here's edited video from the Daily Mail showing the incident...

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