Several New Jersey State Troopers are being credited with rescuing and saving a man's life in Stokes State Forest late last month.

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Authorities say a few days before Christmas, troopers learned that a man had left his home in an ultra-terrain vehicle (UTV) and had not been heard from in 24 hours.

During a search, they eventually located tracks from that UTV that led them deeper into the woods of Stokes State Forest.

Stokes State Forest - Photo: Google Maps
Stokes State Forest - Photo: Google Maps

Those tracks led troopers to the UTV that was disabled by a downed log and multiple boulders, but the man was not with the vehicle.

The Troopers were able to follow his foot prints in the snow and it was observed that he had become separated from his walking stick and his right boot. He was found a short distance from his boot, lying face up with labored breathing, but his core body temperature dropped significantly and he was suffering from hypothermia.

Troopers at the scene began removing pieces of their uniforms in an effort to warm the man.

Additional Troopers arrived and they took turns laying on top of the man in an attempt to transfer body heat while also administering sternum rubs.

Members of a local fire department arrived with a basket and the man was carried out of the woods to an awaiting emergency vehicle. He was eventually air-lifted to an area hospital and is now home recovering.

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