Several shelters have been set up for residents forced to evacuate ahead of Hurricane Sandy.

Cape May County:

  • Upper Twp. Middle School, 525 Perry Rd., Petersburg
  • Upper Twp. Elementary School, 50 Old Tuckahoe Rd., Marmora
  • Woodbine Developmental Center, 1175 DeHirsch Rd, Woodbine
  • Animal Shelter, 409 Breakwater Rd., Tomwar Building in Cape May County Airport Complex


Atlantic County (in cooperation w/American Red Cross):

  • General Populations Shelters:  Pleasantville High School, 701 Mill Rd. (NO PETS); Pleasantville Middle School, 801 Mill Rd. (NO PETS)
  • Pet Friendly Shelters (animals must be in carriers or on leashes with a supply of food and necessities):  Buena Regional High School, 125 Weymouth Rd. (FULL!); Buena Middle School, 175 Weymouth Rd.
  • Medical Needs Shelter (also Pet Friendly): **This shelter will be restricted to those who need continuous supervised medical care, all others will be asked to go to General Pop Shelters** St. Augustine Prep High School, 611 Cedar Ave., Richland

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