This Sunday will brings lots of great food, combined maybe with some adult beverages (if that's your thing), a group of people you enjoy being with, and hopefully a great football game to be the icing on the cake for what promises to be a classic game between the New York Giants and the New England Patriots.  Even if the teams stink this game up, the spectacle of the game with it's Halftime show should keep your interest, but the real star of this game will be advertisers.

You have to admit that some years you are more interested in the commercials that will run during the "Big Game".  The ads that run have become the chance for creativity to shine, sponsors to biggest exposure of the TV season, and this year a great deal of money for NBC (and a chance to get The Voice big-time viewership).  30 second ads for the Super Bowl eclipsed $3 Million last year, coming a long way from 1985 when spots were about $500,000.

Companies have taken chances with this event to succeed or fail with their ads. really took off because of their "Big Game" ads, which trying to use innuendo and women seem to work with a predominant male viewership.

We have come a long way from the family friendly, kind of sappy moment that former Pittsburgh Steelers great "Mean Joe" Greene (pictured) received a Coke from a young fan, who in turn got his jersey - over 30 years later that spot may be the most popular spot in Super Bowl history.

From that moment, advertising for the game changed forever!  The 80s brought us spots that asked "Where's The Beef", the introduction of the McD.L.T., Madonna vs. Demi Moore in the cola wars, Jay Leno pitching Doritos, and the 1st Million Dollar spot in 1984 for Apple.

The "1984" spot is another historic Super Bowl commercial that was legendary director Ridley Scott, who was known for Alien at that time.  Take a second and remember this classic (with over 9 Million hits on YouTube):

By the 90s, Michael Jordan was telling you "You better you eat your Wheaties", was wearing his Nike sneakers with Bugs Bunny, and was a part of a classic 1993 spot with Larry Bird in the ultimate going Shot-for-Shot competition for a Big Mac:

The 90s also brought us the Doritos Girl - Ali Landry.  She may have not have planned to be a actress, but her life forever changed with her Super Bowl ads.  Today she has moved behind the scenes and has created her first TV show to debut this fall.

The 2K Generation has seen old favorites like the Budweiser Clydesdales become even more popular, Betty White with her career comeback continuing over a Snickers bar, talking babies for E*Trade (and the introduction of the term "Shankapotamusus"), Don Chedale pitching the NFL, the introduction of the Green M&M, and the anticipation of this year's ads lead by Ferris Bueller's triumphant return!  One of the standouts of this century was one young boy trying to channel his inner and outer Darth Vader:

No doubt that many companies have reaped the benefits of advertising for this event.  Companies like Coke, Pepsi, and Budweiser have been constants for decades, and it would be a crime not to spotlight one spot from them.  Hard to choose one, in 2001 Bud spoofed themselves - taking their Wazzup! spots and doing this:

Many great commercials over the years, many more to enjoy this year.  Enjoy your Super Sunday, and to wrap this up ............... Patriots 27 - Giants 24 in the first overtime game in the 46 game history (remember who said it).



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