Butterflies are beautiful.

Butterflies, to me, mean positivity and change. To so many people, including kids, butterflies are calming, and to catch one on your finger, is so cool.

I had no idea we had so many butterfly gardens in New Jersey. I remember falling in love with the butterfly garden in EPCOT in Disney. It is gorgeous.

These five butterfly gardens are gorgeous, I've been to three of them and they should not be missed.

Nicholas Cope, Getty Stock, ThinkStock
Nicholas Cope, Getty Stock, ThinkStock

It's a day to spend with the family and turn off the phones and learn and watch butterflies. Learn about the different kinds of butterflies and the flowers and plants that they love in New Jersey.

Most of these butterfly gardens are free, some are a small entrance fee or other things besides the butterfly garden to look at.

When heading to a butterfly garden, you will learn about the caterpillar, plants and flowers you can have in your garden to attract butterflies. All the different colors and species of butterflies in New Jersey are amazing. I had no idea there were so many different ones in the Garden State.

Maybe, after a day at one of these fabulous butterfly gardens, you'll want one in your own backyard. It's perfect to learn all of this while you're visiting one of the gardens for your own garden. Which plants and flowers work best and attract beautiful butterflies?

While learning about the different species of butterflies in New Jersey, find out which species of butterflies and caterpillars will show up in your garden from a butterfly garden.

5 New Jersey Butterfly Gardens That Should Be On Your Bucket List

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