The saying is that "April showers bring May flowers" - well this spring has seen all kinds of gardens in bloom thanks to the warm weather and the recent stretch of rain that we seemed to not really get in April.  We salute all the garden beauty in this week's version of "The Playlist".

Flowers and plants bring the color to the Spring season (and the fragrance too!)  Picture a garden with Roses, Orchids, maybe some lilies, or morning glories, and other flowers outlined by tress, clovers, plants ........... you can imagine this right?  Now imagine this "Garden Party" coming together in music.

The Playlist brings quite a bouquet this week, but with respect to Ricky Nelson this Garden Party does not include his early 70s comeback hit.  We will feature as much variety as we can to make this garden memorable, and you"ll have to follow carefully to see where some of these flowers and plants are popping up from.

The Killers -- Mr. Brightside (featuring lead singer Brandon Flowers)

Wild Orchid -- Talk To Me (Fergie from The Black Eyed Pears started here in 1996)

Goo Goo Dolls -- Iris (picture the showy flowers off this plant)

Outkast -- Roses (we have dozens in this garden)

The Wallflowers -- 6th Ave. Heartbreak (part of the mustard family of plant-life)

Guns N' Roses -- Sweet Child Of Mine (see ........ more roses!)

Savage Garden -- I Want You (a garden with guns and roses could be savage)

Patrice Rushen -- Forget Me Nots (adding some blue and purple color to the bloom)

Natalie Merchant -- Wonder (from her "Tigerlily " CD)

Oasis -- Morning Glory (this garden is really coming together)

Honeydrippers -- Sea of Love (featuring Robert Plant ........ it's a plant!)

Seal -- Kiss From A Rose (did I tell you we had plenty of roses in this garden?)

Belly -- Feed The Tree (helps the other plant life flourish)

Joan Jett and The Blackhearts -- Crimson and Clover (a 4-leaf clover would be lucky!)

Sting -- Desert Rose (roses cost a lot around Valentine's Day, but it's May now)

Nirvana -- Marigold (figured you would think In Bloom here, so here's the curveball that David Grohl still performs live with The Foo Fighters in concert)

Lenny Kravitz -- Dig In (well you have to dig into the dirt to plant this garden)

Peter Gabriel -- Digging In The Dirt (see what I mean?)

Soundgarden -- Burden In My Hand (this version of The Playlist is a soundgarden when you think about it)